Policy Groups


The NewDEAL Forum advances its mission by researching, identifying and sharing state and local pro-growth progressive policy ideas and bringing together public, private and non-profit sector policy experts to exchange ideas and discuss the country’s biggest challenges. In addition, the Forum encourages the exchange, sharing and dissemination of ideas via conferences and other in-person and virtual convening.


One of the key ways that the Forum brings experts and electeds together is through policy working groups centered on key challenges facing Americans today. These working groups convene to research and discuss best practices and successful policies to tackle major issues, from preparing for the future of work to responding to climate change. Working groups develop policy recommendations, released publicly, and work to disseminate these recommendations both digitally and through national tours.

The NewDEAL Forum currently has policy working groups on the future of work, climate change, and education. The Forum also hosts the Renewing America Task Force focused on the economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic, and our Broadband Task Force. Please click through to learn more about the work of each of these groups.

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