Future of Work

The NewDEAL Forum created its first working group around the Future of Work to research and disseminate best practices about how state and local governments can best expand opportunity for all in the changing economy.  The group is taking an in-depth look at how the changing nature will impact jobs, and what key challenges government will need to address including:

  • Skill building and education/workforce development aligned to 21st century jobs
  • Modernizing the social safety net, including portable worker benefits to ensure economic security in a dynamic job market
  • Best practices on how states and localities should approach regulation of new industries and technologies that enable private sector innovation growth, while ensuring opportunity for workers

Policy Recommendations

In 2018, the group was proud to release extensive proposals to respond to the rapid economic changes that are impacting all Americans. The group then released an addendum in 2019, updating the document with the results of continued discussions and policy pilots to offer more insight into solutions that work.

This agenda came in the wake of the 2018 elections, as many legislatures and executive branches began preparing to reconvene in the new year to set priorities after experiencing significant turnover. As U.S. Senator Mark Warner and former Governor Jack Markell wrote in an introduction praising the report:

“The future of work – how people earn their livelihood, provide for their families, and achieve economic security and dignity– has changed forever. In the midst of what feels like a constant stream of challenges facing today’s elected officials, the changing nature of work must be our highest priority.”

Download the “The Future of Work: Policy Proposals for the Modern Economy”

Group Co-Chairs

Contributing Elected Officials

Elizabeth Brown (City Councilmember, Columbus, OH)
Chris Cabaldon (Mayor, West Sacramento, CA)
Ryan Coonerty (County Supervisor, Santa Cruz, CA)
Dan Drew (Mayor, Middletown, CT)
Kerry Donovan (Senator, Vail, CO)
Zach Klein (City Attorney, Columbus, OH)
Brooke Lierman (Delegate, Baltimore, MD)
Cristin McCarthy Vahey (Representative, Fairfield, CT)
Lauren McLean (City Council President, Boise, ID)
Matt Meyer (County Executive, New Castle, DE)
Andrew Platt (Delegate, Gaithersburg, MD)
Tobias Read (State Treasurer, OR)
Warwick Sabin (Representative, Little Rock)
Libby Schaaf (Mayor, Oakland, CA)
Jack Schnirman (County Comptroller, Nassau County, NY)
Caroline Simmons (Representative, Stamford, CT)
Troy Singleton (Senator, Moorestown, NJ)

Partner Organizations


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