Renewing America Task Force

The coronavirus pandemic presented not only the most significant public health challenge the world has faced in decades, but also a formidable economic challenge that has exposed fragility and instability in American society, as well as long-time injustices and inequalities exacerbated by the virus. The Renewing America Task Force will identify and promote the most effective state and local policy solutions for rebuilding the nation’s economy in the wake of the pandemic. Innovative state and local elected officials will come together along with top experts to address immediate and long-term challenges around issues critical to the economic recovery, such as increasing affordable housing, supporting entrepreneurs and local economic development, improving access to high-speed internet, and modernizing and strengthening the social safety net. 

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Read the Task Force’s white papers for policy guidance and models on a variety of topics:

Improving Access to Housing          RATF child care button update-02               

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